BFS Membership


The Benefits of Bozeman Folklore Society Membership
When you join the BFS you'll get $2 off admission at all BFS dance events and $3 off all BFS concerts. Attend 10 events during the 2017-2018 season that runs October to September, have your membership card stamped, and you will get a Dance Free Card good for any contra dance or half off the admission price of any BFS concert during any season.

Your membership in the BFS supports a number of services and activities:

  • News and Updates:
    • BFS E-Newsletter:
      This to-the-point e-mail newsletter is emailed to you with announcements of all BFS events
    • Bozeman Folklore Society group on Facebook
      Join, meet folks and get invites to every event
    • @BozemanFolklore on Twitter
      Follow us for short-but-sweet updates
  • Contra Dance:
    Two monthly traditional and progressive contra dances with outstanding bands and callers
  • Scottish Dance:
    Traditional Scottish dance lessons taught by pros
  • International Dance:
    Traditional dances from around the world with instruction
  • The Montana Reel and Strathspey Society:
    Ceilidhs loaded with Celtic music, dance, and stories
  • Wintergreen Contra Dance Weekend:
    A destination dance weekend with the hottest bands and callers in the country. Held annually in January
  • Concerts:
    Top folk and bluegrass artists, singer song-writers, and more presented in the historic settings of the Story Mansion or the Ellen Theater.
  • Folk Music on KGLT:
    BFS supports KGLT, filling Bozeman's airwaves with great music on Saturday mornings and Monday evenings. We also air selections from BFS concerts on the KGLT Sunday Music Spotlight every other week

Memberships in the Bozeman Folklore Society are good for one year, from October through the following September. We offer four different levels of membership.

Membership Levels

  • Individual: $15. Covers one person.
  • Family: $25. Covers all members of an immediate family (parents and kids - sorry, but we can't extend the benefits to your second cousin once removed!).
  • Sustaining: $35. Similar to a family membership, if you can afford to provide a little more support to the BFS.
  • Sponsor: $55. For companies, non-profits, or anyone who can help out even more. We'll extend membership benefits to four members of the sponsoring organization. Just let us know who you would like to include.
If you join the Bozeman Folklore Society, your email will be added to the BFS mailing list to receive the e-newsletter and dance and concert announcements. We won't spam you non-stop, but we think you'll find this information useful.


Two ways to become a member or renew your membership

  • Print and complete the pdf membership form
  • Make a check for your selected membership level, payable to BOZEMAN FOLKLORE SOCIETY
  • Send the check and registration form to address below.
  • Register On-line
  • Pay with Paypal (no Paypal account necessary - you can pay with your Paypal account, or with a debit or credit card)

Bozeman Folklore Society
PO Box 812
Bozeman, MT 59771-0812