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The Bozeman Folklore Society is an all volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, preserving, enjoying and sharing the music, dance, arts, crafts, and skills of traditional cultures. We are an associate group of the Country Dance and Song Society.

We invite you to join and become involved with our effort to continue to present live music and promote dancing in our community. Volunteers are needed, as well as your support to continue to share our love for all the richness in the folk traditions. For more information about concerts, call Rik James at (406) 586-4123.

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The Bozeman Folklore Society Concert Series has presented a wide array of musical styles over the past ten years, and wishes to thank members of the community for its support. Coming up on the calendar...

Tim May

A concert and presentation in the front room at the Story Mansion! The City of Bozeman's Department of Parks and Recreation and the Bozeman Folklore Society present an evening with Tim May, Mike Gurzi, and Montana Manouche!



Immerse yourself in the history of ethnic influences on American music with live demonstrations by Nashville artist Tim May with local guitarist Mike Gurzi and 2015 Montana Fiddle Grand Champion Nancy Padilla.

6:30–8:30 PM: CONCERT

Tim May with Mike Gurzi & Montana Manouche

A Grammy nominated Telluride and Grand Ole Opry veteran, flatpicking great Tim May will perform with guests Mike Gurzi and gypsy jazz ensemble Montana Manouche.

Both events take place at Bozeman’s historic Story Mansion, 811 S. Willson.

For more information about concerts in general, call Rik James at (406) 586-4123.


Looking ahead in the BFS Concert Series calendar, we have the following performances:

Chris Proctor - Feb. 26 at the Ellen Theatre


All concerts are held in the Pilgrim Congregational Church "Boyd Room" at 2118 S. Third Avenue in Bozeman unless otherwise indicated. If you have questions about any of these events, please contact Rik James

Lodging for our Bozeman Folklore Society Concert Series performers is courtesy of Waverly Mfg., the makers of vintage stringed instrument tuning machines. They are located right here in Bozeman – part of Stewart-MacDonald, Inc. of Athens, Ohio (www.stewmac.com). Our sincerest thanks and appreciation to C. E. Stewart for his long-time support of our concert series!

KGLT is airing some of the great moments from BFS concert series history on the Sunday Music Spotlight. If you weren't able to attend the shows, here's a chance to hear some of the acoustic alchemy that goes down in the Chris Boyd Room at Pilgrim Church. If you were there, you still might enjoy revisiting these concerts. The shows air every other Sunday at noon on KGLT – it can be streamed at http://www.kglt.net/index.php/programming/streaming-audio.

The intro and outro music for our Sunday Music Spotlight shows is taken from the song Tom and Jerry, off Ben Winship's album Early Times. The album is out of print, but you can get an MP3 version in the store at http://benwinship.com.

Air Date
Show Date
2015-11-22 Chris Coole and Ivan Rosenberg, w/ guests John Lowell and Ray Padilla 2011-03-22
2015-11-08 Ben Bullington (Sweet Pea Festival appearance) 2013-08-04
2015-10-25 Wylie & the Wild West (feat. members of Sam Platts & the Kootenai Three) 2013-05-24
2015-10-11 Pete's Posse 2014-10-07
2015-09-27 John Reischman & the Jaybirds 2012-08-17
2015-09-13 Kathy Kallick Band 2014-04-11
2015-08-30 The Farewell Drifters 2012-07-15
2015-08-16 Beppe Gambetta (at the Ellen Theatre) 2014-09-20
2015-08-02 Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer 2012-12-14
2015-07-19 Jim Averitt, Sally Newsome, and Britt Smith 2010-01-30
2015-07-05 Steve Young and Jubal Young 2012-07-07
2015-06-21 Mike Beck 2010-07-26
2015-06-07 Eric Taylor 2012-06-09
2015-05-24 Darol Anger Fiddle Ensemble (at Targhee Bluegrass Festival) 2004-08-14
2015-05-10 Darrell Scott (concert at the Ellen Theatre) 2012-08-21
2015-04-26 Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers 2013-07-12
2015-04-12 Good Wood (feat. Christian Johnson and Steve Riddle of the Mission Mtn Wood Band) 2010-03-26
2015-03-29 KGLT FunDrive show - featuring cuts from 10 different BFS concerts 2007 - 2013
2015-03-15 Monroe Crossing 2012-07-17
2015-03-01 23 String Band 2012-08-02
2015-02-15 Cosy Sheridan 2013-02-23
2015-02-01 Wylie Gustafson 2011-02-12
2015-01-18 Growling Old Men with Dave Thompson 2014-07-24
2015-01-04 Kane's River (Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival) 2007-08-11
2014-12-21 Weatherwood 2010-05-08
2014-12-07 No BFS show aired - the Sunday Spotlight was the first part of a two-part series on the making of "Blood on the Tracks"
2014-11-23 Tim Grimm 2010-04-03
2014-11-09 Ben Bullington w/ Joanne Gardner  (Martinsdale show) 2013-05-17
2014-10-26 Bill Staines 2010-10-23
2014-10-12 Aaron Parrett, Ivan Rosenberg, and Nan Alleman 2009-10-09
2014-09-28 Cahalen Morrison and Eli West 2011-09-24
2014-09-14 Beppe Gambetta 2008-04-11
2014-08-31 Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer 2012-12-14
2014-08-17 Chris Proctor 2012-03-02
2014-08-03 Steve Smith, Chris Saunders, Anne Luna (Hard Road Trio) 2011-06-22
2014-07-20 Growling Old Men with Leon Hunt and Dave Thompson 2012-07-06
2014-07-06 Chris Coole and Ivan Rosenberg, w/ guests John Lowell and Ray Padilla 2011-03-22
2014-06-22 Genticorum (concert at the Ellen Theatre, after headlining the Wintergreen Dance Weekend) 2011-02-01
2014-06-08 Wylie & the Wild West 2007-04-14
2014-05-25 John Reischman & the Jaybirds 2012-08-17
2014-05-11 Eric Taylor 2013-06-08
2014-04-27 Stephanie Davis Band 2012-02-18
2014-04-13 Mike Beck  (KGLT benefit show) 2012-04-04
2014-03-30 Sara Grey 2013-10-11
2014-03-16 Darrell Scott (concert at the Ellen Theatre) 2012-08-21
2014-03-02 Steve Young and Jubal Young 2012-07-07
2014-02-16 Kathy Kallick Band 2012-04-27
2014-02-02 Chris Proctor 2011-04-22
2014-01-19 Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers 2013-07-12
2014-01-05 John Reischman & the Jaybirds 2012-08-17
2013-12-22 The Farewell Drifters 2012-07-15
2013-12-08 In memory of an amazing songwriter and musician, and a great human being. Rest in Peace, Ben.
Ben Bullington, Tom Murphy, Joanne Gardner
2013-11-24 Special Consensus (to get everyone warmed up for their Dec. 6th show!) 2012-11-30
2013-11-10 Monroe Crossing 2012-07-17
2013-10-27 Chris Proctor 2011-04-22
2013-10-13 23 String Band 2012-08-02
2013-09-29 Cosy Sheridan 2013-02-23
2013-09-15 Weatherwood 2010-05-08
2013-09-01 Ben Bullington w/ Joanne Gardner & Tom Murphy (Pine Creek show) 2013-05-09
2013-08-18 Tim Grimm 2010-04-03
2013-08-04 Cahalen Morrison and Eli West 2011-09-24
2013-07-21 Growling Old Men with Leon Hunt and Dave Thompson
(Reprise of our initial broadcast, to celebrate six months of Spotlights!)
2013-07-07 Aaron Parrett, Ivan Rosenberg, and Nan Alleman 2009-10-09
2013-06-22 Wylie Gustafson 2011-02-12
2013-06-09 Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer 2012-12-14
2013-05-26 Steve Smith, Chris Saunders, Anne Luna (Hard Road Trio) 2011-06-22
2013-05-12 Eric Taylor 2012-06-09
2013-04-28 Ben Bullington 2012-01-06
2013-04-14 Stephanie Davis Band 2012-02-18
2013-03-31 Mike Beck  (KGLT benefit, for first day of fund drive) 2012-04-04
2013-03-17 John Reischman & the Jaybirds 2012-08-17
2013-03-03 Andy Reiner 2012-02-24
2013-02-17 Chris Proctor 2011-04-22
2013-02-03 Special Consensus 2012-11-30
2013-01-20 Growling Old Men 2012-07-06



The following artists have performed for The Bozeman Folklore Society Concert Series (listed in alphabetical order). At the end of 2013, we will have presented 212 concerts since 2000!

BLUEGRASS AND OLD-TIME  (34 & counting) ... 

23 String Band, The Bill Hilly Band, The Bridger Creek Boys, Chris Coole & Ivan Rosenberg, Dry Branch Fire Squad, Finders & Youngberg, Foghorn Stringband, Front Range, Beppe Gambetta, Alice Gerrard & Brad Leftwich, Growling Old Men, Hard Road Trio (Steve Smith, Chris Sanders, Anne Luca),  Hit & Run Bluegrass, Sierra Hull & Highway 111, Jim Hurst Band, Joy Kills Sorrow, Kathy Kallick Band, Kane's River, Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum, Loose Ties, Monroe Crossing, Cahalen Morrison & Eli West, Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers, Open Road, Andy Reiner, John Reischman & The Jaybirds, The Reeltime Travellers, Roe Family Singers, Pete & Anne Sibley, Special Consensus, Spring Creek Bluegrass, Two Bit Franks, Pete & Joan Wernick, Robin & Linda Williams & Their Fine Group.

FOLK, COUNTRY, WORLD  (60 & counting)

Bruce Anfinson, Jay Armeding, Jim Averitt, Dick & Lisa Barrett, Mike Beck, Roy Book Binder, Bryan Bowers, Ben Bullington (with Tom Murphy & Joanne Gardner), The Cantrells (Al & Emily), Kathy Chorover, Chirgilchin (throat singers from Tuva), Craicmore, Stephanie Davis Band, Mike Dowling, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Mark Erelli, Farewell Drifters, Four Shillings Short, Genghis Mongol (Mongolia), Genticorum (Montreal, Quebec), Jack Gladstone, Good Wood (with Christian Johnson & Steve Riddle), Sara Grey & Kieron Means, Sara Grey solo, Meridian Green, Tim Grimm, Dick Hensold, Alan Jabbour, Johnsmith, Kyrgi Band (from Kyrgistan), Bill LaCroix & Tom Robison, Dana Lyons, Tom May, Simon Mayor & Hillary James, Mary McCaslin, John McCutcheon, Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer, Bill Mize, Peter Ostroushko, Aaron Parrett & Ivan Rosenberg & Nan Alleman, Utah Phillips, Chris Proctor, Chuck Pyle, Garnet Rogers, Darrell Scott, Cosy Sheridan, Rosalie Sorrels, Michael Smith, Bill Staines, Still On the Hill, Dennis Stroughmatt & L’Espirit Creole, Chuck Suchy, Eric Taylor, Tyva Kyzy ("daughers of Tuva"), The Wanderers, Weatherwood, Woods Tea Company, Wylie & The Wild West, Jubal Young, Steve Young.

Thank you all for coming to the shows...and for helping make them each be so much fun!
-- Rik

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